Why Are Chinese Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

Chinese mail order brides are nothing like the women you have met before and stand out even by the high standards of Asian brides. There are lots of things you will love about Chinese women for marriage once you get to know them better, but these are the ones that will inspire you to meet them.

Their delicate beauty is breathtaking

Chinese beauty is in a class of its own and few other nations can compare to the subtle yet striking attractiveness of Chinese girls. Chinese women are petite and very slim, but they can easily accentuate their best features with the right clothing. Most Chinese girls have dark and silky hair that is often styled into trendy hairdos. The facial features of Chinese brides are gorgeous and fully natural as women in China are far less likely to resort to strong makeup or plastic surgery as some other Asian women.

They are easy to talk to for hours

Once you get through the language barrier, you will discover that a Chinese bride is one of the best conversation partners you have ever had. They are well-educated and have a wide outlook, which allows them to talk about any topic in the world. Even more importantly, Chinese brides are fantastic listeners. They will express such a genuine interest in the stories you have to tell that you will not remember the time when you didn’t have a Chinese woman as your main conversation partner.

They are looking for traditional things in life

No matter how fast China is developing and how quickly the whole world is progressing in terms of gender roles, Chinese girls are not that eager to accept the changes. Even the most progressive Chinese women, who live in major cities and occupy prestigious positions in the workplace, are still dreaming of a traditional family. When the right man appears and proposes a monogamous relationship or marriage based on mutual respect and trust, a Chinese mail order bride won’t think twice before saying yes.

What Are Chinese Wives Like?

China seems like the most distant destination to look for your future wife, but Chinese women for marriage have more attractive qualities than you can imagine. Men who married Chinese brides almost never regret their decision, and here is why you will be totally happy with a Chinese wife.

They will want to contribute to the family budget

With a few rare exceptions, Chinese women cannot be satisfied with the role of a housewife. They love the feeling of making their own money and contributing to the household budget. It goes without saying that a Chinese wife will temporarily leave work after she has children and may even go for a part-time job to have more time to spend with the family. However, she will always strive to provide for the family financially, at least in part.

They will give their all to children

The childbirth policy in China hasn’t been perfect and Chinese women now value their family rights very much. They are in no rush to have children in their late teens or early twenties, preferring to establish a career and build a strong family with their husband. However, once the time is right, a Chinese wife will definitely want kids, and there is no better person to have as the mother of your children than a caring, attentive, and fair Chinese woman.

They will turn you into a fan of Chinese home cooking

Even though Chinese women may be impartial to fine dining and eating at restaurants or popular street food joints, none of those things will ever substitute home cooking for a Chinese wife. Chinese wives consider the nutrition of their family members to be one of their top priorities and they will always find the time to cook a fresh, healthy meal for their beloved family. Chinese cuisine is not only delicious, but also very diverse, so you will fall in love with it from the first bite.

Why Are Chinese Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

China has gone a long way in the past few decades as a country and now millions of Chinese women live far better than the previous generations. However, the economic advancement of China also brought a few problems along: namely, Chinese girls now work too much and often for little pay. 

Moreover, Chinese men work even more, which makes finding a partner problematic. Plus, many Chinese men have outdated views and are trying to restrict the freedom of their girlfriends and wives. All of that, as well as the obvious attraction of Chinese women to Western men, makes them actively look for foreign husbands online.

The Guide on Marrying a Chinese Woman

Tips on dating a Chinese girl

Dating is an essential part of getting a Chinese wife. A Chinese mail order bride will use your dating journey as a way to decide whether she wants to marry you, so if you want the decision to be in your favor, here is what you can do.

  • Go out of your way to impress her. Beautiful Chinese girls are used to men’s attention, which is why they will need you to step up your dating game. Show that you have more to offer than an average man in her home country.
  • Classic dates are the best. With Chinese women for marriage, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. When you are at the beginning of your relationship, dates at restaurants and parks are an ideal option.
  • You can’t go wrong with gifts. Chinese brides are not particularly materialistic, but they are impartial to nice gifts from the man they like. It doesn’t have to be something outrageously expensive like a new iPhone, but it needs to be cute and memorable.
  • Explore her cultural views. The cultural background of your Chinese bride is probably very different from yours, but instead of turning it into a problem, use it to your advantage by asking as many questions about her views as possible.
  • Make an effort to learn Mandarin. It can take you years to fully master Mandarin as it’s one of the hardest languages to learn, but your Chinese mail order bride will be delighted to see that you’re putting in the effort to get closer to her.

Meeting Chinese bride parents: 3 tips

The idea of meeting your bride’s parents can be intimidating even if they live in the same country as you do, let alone when they live in China. However, there is no need to feel stressed out, as with these tips, you can make just the right first impression on them.

  • Help with the dinner table. The food will be the central element of your first visit to your future Chinese in-laws, and while you obviously won’t be allowed to get involved with the cooking, you can definitely help with carrying and distributing the food.
  • Eat every last bite of the food. Leaving uneaten bits of food on your plate is considered to be rude in China. Even if the parents of your Chinese bride are fairly modern, they will still silently judge you if there are any leftovers on your plate after dinner.
  • Take an active part in the discussions. No matter how much Mandarin you know, you will never be able to keep up with the conversation of Chinese natives. However, you need to listen carefully and offer your own insight whenever possible instead of just sitting there silently.

Chinese wedding customs and laws

You may have plenty of experience with weddings in your home country, but if you’ve never been to a Chinese wedding before, you are in for a treat. Getting married to a Chinese bride is an experience that will stay with you forever, and these are the 5 things you will definitely witness at your own Chinese wedding.

  • The betrothal. In Chinese wedding tradition, the betrothal is the official engagement ceremony. The groom will visit the bride’s parents with a selection of gifts, and if they accept his proposal, they will return half of the gifts to the groom’s family to give their relationship a good start.
  • Preparing the marriage bed. A day before the wedding, an older woman connected to the family will prepare the marriage bed and decorate it with traditional Chinese symbols. Then no one should sit or lay on the bed until the newlyweds arrive from the wedding.
  • Getting the bride. Going to the bride’s house to retrieve the bride and take her to the wedding location usually turns into a loud and fun procession with musical instruments, dancing, and cheering.
  • The tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is the most important part of a Chinese wedding. The bride and the groom will serve black tea to their family members. This event is only for the closest relatives of the bride and the groom and no one else is allowed there.
  • The wedding banquet. The wedding banquet, on the other hand, is a chance for friends and distant relatives to congratulate the newlyweds and spend time with them. The banquet usually includes 8 courses and can last for many hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many partners do Chinese brides have prior to marriage?

Chinese women, especially the ones living in big cities, do not abstain from relationships before getting married. However, they also don’t go overboard and date one man after another. Typically, Chinese mail order brides have 1 or 2 former partners before meeting their husband, but they never compare their new partner to their exes.

Should I be worried about an age gap?

Not at all! An age difference is not only perfectly acceptable for Chinese brides — some of them actually prefer their husbands to be older. The preferable size of the age gap differs from bride to bride, but in general, Chinese mail order brides don’t see a problem even if the man is 15 or more years older than them.

Are the parents of my Chinese bride going to be too controlling?

The parents of your Chinese mail order brides will be understandably worried about their daughter moving across the world for marriage, but they know better than to get too involved in your marriage. They will love to maintain communication both with you and your new wife, but they won’t try to influence your decisions or become too intrusive.