Five Reasons Why Colombian Mail Order Brides Are So Sought After

Hot Colombian girls are popular with men from all around the world due to their unique appearance and character. Here are the features due to which many foreigners choose Colombian women for marriage.

Colombian brides are attractive

Colombian girls usually have got long well-groomed hair, cute faces, and alluring curves. Puffy hips are in trend in this country. So, sexy Colombian women workout in gyms or make use of plastic surgery in order to have attractive curves. If you don’t like skinny girls, but are fond of plump ladies then women of Columbia are of your favourite type.

Colombian brides are feminine

Women of this nationality are not too emancipated. Unlike many European or American females, they don’t scare away men with too independent behavior. So, if you are looking for a true lady, choose one of beautiful Colombian girls, and you won’t be disappointed.

Colombian brides are bright

As these women are very feminine, they do everything possible to show this. Pretty Colombian girls wear expressive makeup, many bright accessories, and stylish tight clothes. So, it’s hard not to notice their beauty and womanhood.

Colombian brides are hot

Colombian women are famous all over the world as they are great lovers. If you believe that sex is the most important thing in relationships them a wife of this nationality will be a good match for you.

Colombian brides are very loving

Colombian girls show their feelings very expressively. They do many compliments to their boyfriends and always act affectionately. From a lady of this nationality, you can get more love and affection during a month of relationships than from a European or American lady during a few years. So, dating Colombian women is a great pleasure.

Characteristics of Typical Colombian Wives

You have already read the features that make Colombian ladies perfect girlfriends, but what kind of wives can they make? Pretty good! There are some characteristics making them really great in the role of spouses.

Colombian wives are hot lovers

Husbands of the women of this nationality are always satisfied with love life.

Colombian wives are caring mothers

Children are the sense of life for the women of this nationality. So, they make everything for them to be happy and always try hard to keep friendly relations in the family.

Colombian wives are diligent housekeepers

They like to cook and do it really well. Keeping order is also a normal thing for them.

Colombian wives are understanding life partners

They keep good relations with the husbands not only when everything is good. They also do everything possible to help their spouses when they are in trouble. So, the husbands of Colombian wives can always rely on them.

Why are Colombian Singles Looking for Husbands from Abroad?

Many men in Columbia believe that women are created only for household chores and taking care of children. So, women that want their spouses to treat them as personalities and equal life partners look for the husbands from abroad.

The Guide on Marrying a Colombian Woman

Tips on Dating a Colombian Girl

Here are some pieces of advice you can use while dating Colombian women:

  • Present her flowers often. Colombian brides love them very much. So, make her enjoy such little presents.
  • Take interest in the culture of her motherland. It is very pleasant for Colombian brides as they are proud of their traditions.
  • Get acquainted with her friends. Social circle is very important for Colombian girls. So, getting acquainted with her best friends will make you closer to each other.
  • Treat her relatives respectfully. Never tell anything bad about them even if a girlfriend complains about them to you. Colombian brides worship their parents very much and will never continue dating men who don’t respect their family.

3 Tips on How to Meet Colombian Girls’ Parents

This is a very important step of the relationships. Colombian brides worship senior relatives very much. And parents should compulsory approve the future life partner of a girl before she will be able to marry you. So, make a good impression on them. For this:

  1. Act politely. Show your best manners.
  2. Don’t refuse to be treated to some dishes. Colombian bride’s parents will take this as disrespect to them.
  3. Prepare gifts to her parents in advance and present them while getting acquainted. Also, give some presents to the bride’s siblings.

Some Interesting Colombian Wedding Customs

Here are some national wedding traditions that are still relevant in Columbia:

  • On the day before the ceremony, Colombian brides’ parents arrange the party in which the guests give the wedding presents to a woman. A bride spends all the evening together with the guests. And then the party is finished by a serenade in her honor.
  • A lot of guests are usually invited to the wedding in this country. As Colombian brides usually come from big families, they want to see all the relatives, even distant, at their weddings. Also, the girls of this nationality are very sociable. They’ve got a wide circle of friends and don’t want anyone of them to be offended. So, add the numerous friends of her to the relatives, and you will get the number of 50-100 guests. And this is only from the bride’s side. Of course, there are some exclusions like girls who want to celebrate the wedding in a narrow circle, but if you are not going to organize the grand ceremony with a plenty of guests, it’s better to discuss this issue in advance in order not to offend your bride.
  • Real flowers are used as a decoration of the celebration place. Artificial ones are not appropriate as they are believed to be a bad sign.
  • Female guests are trying to steal the groom’s boutonniere. There is a belief that the one who has managed to do this will be the next to get married.

Family Values and the Outlook on Kids’ Upbringing

Family is the most important thing in the life of Colombian wives. They value it more than career or anything else. Usually, women of this nationality would like to have several children. And here are the main principle of their upbringing:

  • Spending much time together. Colombian wives want their children to feel beloved by parents and the siblings to be close-knit. So, they like to organize spending time together for the whole family. These can be family dinners, picnics, etc. And, of course, the whole family gathers together at the dinner table every day.
  • Having good relations with children. Mothers of this nationality never shout at kids. They keep good trusting relationships with them.
  • Teaching daughters to do household chores since early childhood. At the age of 12-13 years, girls are capable of doing all the housework.
  • Going out together with children. Parents don’t attend different places or go to visit relatives without kids. They take even little babies together with them.


Do Colombian mail order brides speak English?

Actually, the official language of this country is Spanish. So, the majority of popularity speaks only this language. But there is some percentage of young people who learn English and master it at the level enough for holding conversation. Not all Colombian mail order brides know English perfect, so perhaps you will need to use some online translators in order to overcome the language barrier

What is the religion of Colombian brides?

The majority of people in this country are Catholics.

How to start conversations with Colombian chicks?

Colombian brides are used to receiving many compliments from men. So, you will not surprise a girl of this nationality with them. But still, this is the best way to start conversation. But don’t be banal. Find something really unique in the appearance of the girl you have chosen and give a compliment about it. Better avoid standard phrases like “You have beautiful eyes”.

How much time will it take from getting acquainted until marriage?

It depends on a certain woman. There are no special traditions regarding this issue in Columbia. Some girls are ready to get married with a man whom they know for a month, and others prefer to date for a longer period of time. But don’t delay the proposal for more than a year since getting acquainted. This will make a woman think that you are not going to marry her at all.

How many children do Colombian wives prefer to have?

Usually, Colombian women grow up in families with several children. And this is the family model they see all around them. So, in most cases ladies of this nationality would like to have the same big family as they grew up in. But, of course, there are exclusions, and you should discuss this issue with a certain girl whom you have chosen.