Why Are Filipino Mail Order Brides so Popular Nowadays?

In many ways, Filipino women are the ones who started the whole Asian mail order bride craze and every year thousands of Filipino brides enter Western countries on fiance visas. So why exactly are they so coveted by Western men? Here are the three main reasons for the popularity of Filipino mail order brides.

They are some of the prettiest women Asia has to offer

Choosing your future wife by appearance alone is probably not the smartest move, but her beauty is still one of the main deciding factors for all single men. Beauty is something you will instantly notice when talking to a Filipino mail order bride. Filipino women are petite and very fit, but their figures have a highly feminine look. The skin of Filipino brides has a lovely sun kissed color, and their dark, silky hair frames their delicate facial features perfectly. Filipino women also know their way around makeup and strive to always look their best.

They are always respectful and friendly

As a foreign man, you are understandably worried about talking to a Filipino mail order bride for the first time, but the good news is that you don’t need to be. Filipino women are equally welcoming to locals and foreigners and will never make you feel embarrassed about your lack of experience or difficulties with expressing yourself. Filipino girls are brought up with the notion that they need to respect people around them and they actively follow that notion.

They are not materialistic

Filipino women are not the ones who grow up in a life of luxury. Most of them come from very humble beginnings and need to provide for themselves and often their families from a very young age. However, instead of making them hungry for monetary wealth, those experiences lead to them forming a very sensible attitude to money. When meeting a potential husband, a Filipino woman will never insist on knowing how much money he has exactly — she will only want to make sure that she and her future children will be able to live comfortably.

What Are Filipino Wives Like?

Filipino women for marriage are even more popular than Filipino girls for dating, and after you spend some time with a Filipino bride, it becomes clear why. These are just the three main advantages of being married to a Filipino wife.

They are born for motherhood

Women in the Philippines have different interests and aspirations, but the one goal that unites them all is the goal of motherhood. Filipino women often grow up with siblings, nieces, and nephews, which gives them the necessary skills and knowledge needed to take care of the little ones. On top of that, Filipino wives are naturally warm and affectionate, making them the perfect people to have your children.

They have no problem with the chores

One of the reasons why Filipino wives are so different from Western women is that they are not considered with equality too much when it comes to housework. Filipino women follow into the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers, who did most of the chores themselves. Filipino wives are not just fine with any amount of housework — they actively try to make life at home better for everyone, which involves cooking, cleaning, decorating, and making sure everybody is comfortable.

They are great with finances

Most Filipino mail order brides don’t grow up with a lot of money, but they are instinctively good at managing finances. It doesn’t matter if your Filipino wife will work or you will be the sole provider for your family — you can’t go wrong with entrusting the financial matters of your family to your wife. Filipino wives always know how to cut costs, find the best deals, and generally keep their family in a good financial state.

Why Are Filipino Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The Philippines became known as one of the most popular destinations for the fans of mail order brides, at least among Asian countries. The growing number of Filipino women for marriage is influenced not only by their popularity among foreign men, but also by the desire of Filipino brides to change their lives by marrying a foreigner.

The reasons for Filipino women becoming mail order brides are not that unique. They are looking for more opportunities and a more stable, wealthier life by marrying a foreign man. However, they are also in love with the image of a Western man and find a typical Western suitor to be much more attractive than the men from their own country.

The Guide on Marrying a Filipino Woman

Tips on dating a Filipino girl

If you are searching for a Filipino mail order bride, you probably have marriage on your mind, and we can’t blame you. However, Filipino girls also make fantastic dating partners, and here is how to date a Filipino woman like a pro.

  • Be persistent. Filipino women love to sometimes play coy and hard to get, but you shouldn’t be discouraged by their seemingly cold attitude. Instead, you need to use your charm to let her warm up to you and welcome your advances.
  • Listen to her ideas. The best way to make sure your dates are a complete success is to find out what your Filipino bride actually wants to do. Some of them prefer fine dining and others couldn’t be happier than when on a forest hike with their partner.
  • Showcase your generosity. Filipino brides are not particularly interested in your money, but they do want to know that you can meet their needs and fulfil their little desires, so occasional gifts and even financial help are always welcome.
  • Don’t assume she’s easy. Filipino women are sometimes thought of as promiscuous and easy, but that is not true for the majority of proper and well-mannered Filipino brides, so you shouldn’t make any assumptions about the progress of your relationship.
  • Make an effort to know her. To a foreigner like you, a Filipino mail order bride may look like the most mysterious creature in the world, but instead of being discouraged by your differences, you should invest a lot of effort into exploring her true personality.

Meeting Filipino bride parents: 3 tips

In the Philippines, meeting the parents of your bride means a lot and it’s one more way for you to know that your Filipino bride is crazy about you. Here is what you can do to guarantee the success of that first meeting.

  • Say “please” and “thank you” a lot. You may not guess from the cheerful demeanor of Filipinos, but they value respect and politeness. Avoid being too loud, talking over them, and make sure to use nice words in your conversation.
  • Compliment the cooking and help with the dishes. The parents of your Filipino bride will probably spend the whole day in the kitchen trying to prepare a whole feast for you, so the least you can do is to visibly enjoy the food and help take the dirty dishes to the kitchen.
  • Pay special attention to the matriarch of the family. There is a good chance that your Filipino mail order bride is particularly close to her mother, and that’s exactly who you need to charm if you want to cement your marriage plans.

Filipino wedding customs and laws

A typical Filipino wedding is a wild mix of Catholic wedding customs with Filipino national wedding traditions that have formed for centuries. When preparing for your own wedding in the Philippines, these are the 5 most important traditions to keep in mind.

  • Barong Tagalog for the groom. Your Filipina bride will likely wear a classic white wedding dress, but you won’t need a tuxedo for your big day. Instead, you will wear a Barong Tagalog, a very light, long-sleeved, shirt with intricate embroidery.
  • Lighting the candles. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom will each light a candle, usually provided by their wedding sponsors. They may then use their individual candles to light a single Unity candle.
  • Ceremonial coins. 13 gold and silver coins, or arras, is a common Catholic tradition that made its way into a Philippines wedding. The coins, served on a golden tray, will be blessed by the priest and gifted by the groom to his bride.
  • The wedding cord. The new husband and wife will sit down while their wedding sponsors or other close relatives will put a ceremonial wedding cord on their shoulders, uniting them both literally and in marriage.
  • The money dance. During the wedding reception, the male guests of the event will get a chance to dance with the bride, while the women will dance with the groom. The guests will pin money to the newlyweds’ outfits as a symbol of good fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the religious situation in the Philippines?

The Philippines are Asia’s only predominantly Christian country. Almost 70% of the Filipino population belong to the Roman Catholic confession, so there is a very good chance you will have the same religious views as your Filipino mail order bride. Even if not, it’s not going to be a problem as Filipino brides are very accepting and open-minded.

Do Filipino brides know any English?

Unlike many other Asian countries, the Philippines is a great destination for English-speaking men. English is taught as a second language at Filipino schools, so even if your bride doesn’t work in business or the hospitality industry, you and your Filipino bride will likely not have any issues with communication and will be able to speak the same language.

What if I’m significantly older than my bride?

An age gap may be a big deal to some foreign mail order brides, but that is not the case with Filipino women for marriage. They consider themselves to be mature for their age and to have more life experiences than other women from their generation. That is why they actually prefer their men to be at least 5 years older, although even a 15 or 20-year age difference is acceptable.