Why are Thai Mail Order Brides So Beloved by Foreign Men Nowadays?

Everyone who has visited Thailand noticed that local women are extremely popular with European and American men. Some foreign men love local women so much that they have moved to Thailand and bought accommodation there to live together with local ladies. If you still don’t know anything about the girls of this nationality read the characteristics of typical Thai chicks.

Thai brides are cute

Their appearance is far from European or American ladies, but it doesn’t mean that women in Thailand are not beautiful. They are just different from the standards you are used to. But they are very cute. Despite Thai girls are not tall they’ve got proportional, not short legs. Their faces often look lovely and younger. For all Thai ladies, thorough self-care is an ordinary thing. They do different procedures to save and improve their beauty.

Thai brides are modest

It can be difficult to believe, but they really are. If you have visited Thailand maybe you have seen cheeky sexy Thai girls in the clubs and bars, but don’t make up your mind about all ladies of this nationality looking at these ones. Thai women for marriage from decent families are modest and well-bred.

Thai brides don’t fixate on the disadvantages

These girls would never highlight the shortcomings of their boyfriends. A typical Thai woman believes that if she has chosen a man he is perfect for her. So, she never tells her life partner about his disadvantages and doesn’t try to change him. She accepts her man as he is.

What are Thai Wives Like: Five Features Inherent to Them

Thai wives save their beauty for a long time

Pretty Thai women often look younger than they are. This is because of their national peculiarities and a thorough self-care. Women from this country believe that they look after themselves not for being attractive to the representatives of the opposite sex, but first of all for loving their own reflection in the mirror. So, beautiful Thai women don’t stop taking care of themselves once they’ve got married.

Thai wives try hard to carry out all the wishes of their husbands

According to their national traditions, there is a principle that a husband should be satisfied with his wives. So, Thai wives do everything for this. They do everything the spouses ask them to and even more. If a couple is together for a long time, and they know the tastes and preferences of each other Thai wives often predict the wishes of their husbands and do everything for them to be happy even without asking.

Thai wives never act rudely

These are not the women who will make scandals or something like that. Thai wives prefer solving misunderstandings only in a peaceful manner.

Also, as they are well-bred they act politely not only with their husbands but also with all the other people. So, you won’t be disgraced by the wife of this nationality in front of your friends or relatives.

Thai wives are very caring

They take care of their husbands and children sincerely and thoroughly. So, if you are the lucky one who married one of the Thai wives you will always feel beloved.

Thai wives are good in bed

Hot Thai women understand the importance of sex for the happiness of the couple. So, they do everything possible for you both to be satisfied in bed.

Why are Thai Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

More and more Thai singles are in search of life partners from abroad. But what is the reason for this? There is a stereotype that Thai brides are opportunistic and marry foreigners only because of their money. But this is not true. The reason for such prejudice is that there are many bar girls in Thailand who are from poorer countries like Cambodia and Laos and dream of marrying a foreigner to get out of poverty. But this is not about decent Thai brides. For them, the main reason for looking for husbands from abroad is the character of local men. The majority of them are very lazy and indifferent. They don’t care about their wives and children, rarely take part in raising their kids, and often don’t even work, so that women have to provide for a family. So, fewer and fewer Thai brides want to marry local men. They prefer looking for husbands who will take care of them and their children.

The Guide on Marrying a Thai Woman

Tips on Dating a Thai Girl

Dating Thai women is great luck because they are very caring and understanding. It may seem that a girl of this nationality would forgive you anything and you can act in any way. But still, there are some recommendations on what you should do in order not to lose the lady of your heart:

  • Never act rudely. Thai brides are polite and well mannered, and they expect their life partner to have the same behavior.
  • Don’t try to boss around. Though Thai brides are caring it doesn’t mean you can command. Women of this nationality don’t like bossy men. They care about their life partners sincerely. So, if you want something from her just ask her or hint at this. But not show the bossy tone.
  • Never show your interest in other women while you are in relationships with a Thai woman. Ladies of this nationality are very jealous. And it will be very unpleasant for your girlfriend even if you look at the other chicks.

How to Meet Thai Girl’s Parents: 5 Tips

Thai brides respect their parents very much, so in order to get married, you need to get approval from them first. Take into account the following tips to make a good impression on your future parents-in-law:

  1. Show your best manners. Thai people appreciate well-bred men.
  2. Tell them about your parents. It is important for Thai brides’ parents to know that their daughter will marry a man from a decent family.
  3. Show that you care about their daughter. Every parent wants their daughter to marry a man who takes care of her, but not only about himself.
  4. Show that you will be a good father. This is a very important and appreciated feature. As there are many local Thai men who are bad fathers if you show that you are not like them you have more chances to make a good impression on the parents of your bride. What can be the way to show that you will be a good father? For example, if your bride has got younger siblings, pay attention to them.
  5. Discuss the sum of the payment for the bride. This tradition still works in Thailand. So, you need to give the negotiated sum of money to the parents of your future wife before the wedding.

Thai Wedding Customs and Laws

It’s not compulsory to arrange the wedding ceremony according to all Thai traditions. Women of this nationality often don’t care about this. But here are the most popular customs that are still important for Thai brides:

  • August is believed to be the most appropriate month for getting married. There is a superstition that the couples who celebrate the wedding this month will be happy.
  • Bride price. There is a custom that a groom should ”buy” Thai brides from their parents. And the more decent the family is, the bigger is the sum of money. It starts from 10000 Thai baht (approximately 320 dollars) and sometimes reaches a few millions Thai baht (320000 dollars and more).
  • Refreshments for the guests. The bride and groom give all of them some tasty things as a symbol of gratitude for coming to the celebration.
  • Traditional songs are sung during the celebration. Some Thai brides would like to have professional musicians to sing traditional songs at their wedding.

Family Values and the Outlook on Kids Upbringing

Here are the peculiarities of the mentality of Thai brides you should be ready for:

  • Parents are in the first place. Don’t think that once Thai brides get married they stop communicating with their parents or become less dependent on their opinion. Parents will always be important to her. Thai wives often support their mothers financially and morally. Furthermore, they always take into account their tips.
  • Adultery is unforgivable. It may seem that Thai wives can forgive anything as they are not fixated on the disadvantages. But there is one thing that can break your relationships at once. Thai wives never forgive adultery. They often break relationships or even revenge on their ex-husbands for this.
  • Combination of adoration and strictness in the kids’ upbringing. Mothers of this nationality do everything for their children to be happy and feel beloved. But all the frames and restrictions are discussed in advance, and it is never allowed to break the rules.


What is the average age of Thai mail order brides?

It depends on the place of living. Talking about villages and little towns, girls from there aim at getting married as early as possible. The average age of provincial Thai brides is 20. As for big cities, girls from there don’t hurry to get married. They prefer to enjoy the single life for enough time first. But still, they don’t delay founding families until their thirties like many European or American ladies do. The average age of Thai mail order brides from big cities is 25.

What do Thai mail order brides think about the age gap?

They don’t focus on the age of future husbands. It doesn’t matter much for them. Even a big age gap is acceptable for Thai women for marriage. Sometimes it is even possible to see the couples of a pensioner and a young girl who has just turned legal age. 

Can a language barrier prevent me from communicating with Thai mail order brides?

The majority of Thai brides speak English as they learn this language at school. So, there shouldn’t be any problems with understanding each other.