It is becoming a very big problem for a modern man to find a wife. The reasons for this are various:

  • First of all, the pace of life doesn’t leave enough time to look for a girlfriend. There is not enough time for visiting some events and getting acquainted with the people of the opposite sex.
  • Secondly, with the development of the Internet more and more people prefer online chatting than real communication.
  • And thirdly, women in the USA and Europe are becoming more and more emancipated and don’t want to pay much attention to their families or don’t plan to get married at all.

So, what should men who want to find the future wife do? The only effective solution is looking for a bride online with the help of specialized online services or plain dating websites. The first variant is preferable. And now we will tell you why. Get ready to find out all the information about these services you should know. Read further, and you will get to know what mail order brides services are, what you can expect from them, what their main peculiarities are, whom you can find there and many more important things.

Mail Order Brides Services: What are they?

These are specialized websites that help people who want to get married to find each other.

On the one side, there are men from all around the world, mainly from the USA or Europe, who are looking for future wives. And from another side, there are the girls in search of their destiny. These are women from different countries, mainly Latin, Asian, and Slavic, who are in search of foreign husbands.

Usually, there are detailed accounts with a photo and all the essential information about a person. It helps to get acquainted easier because a user sees all the important facts about the person in advance.

Normally, men are expected to do the first step. They can look through the catalog of mail order brides and contact the women they like. But some mail order brides services also make it possible for girls to be the first to write the messages to men that they seem appropriate to themselves.

Some sites for those who are looking for wives also can recommend the profiles of the people who are compatible by interests, preferences, or psychological traits. This increases the chances to find a match.

So, you already know in general terms what mail order brides services are. Now let’s look in more detail what you can expect from them.

What Services May you Expect from Mail Order Brides Sites?

Actually, it depends on a certain site. Usually, you can get acquainted with the list of services in the ”Services” tab. Here are the most common facilities provided by such sites.

The catalog of women

The websites promote themselves to gather as many profiles of girls as possible. And they don’t only work for numbers, but also for quality. They usually verify profiles and check whether the photo and main information about a woman are true.

Text chat

The websites give the users a possibility to write to the girls they like. Starting a conversation in a chat is a great opportunity to get acquainted. Of course, texting doesn’t mean that you already have a relationship with a girl, but everything begins from little steps.

Video chat

Mail order brides websites know that further relationships are impossible if you haven’t seen each other. So, there is no need to go far to see your future wife. There is a video chat for this. Communication will become more close and emotional since you pass from texting to video chatting. You will start to communicate not with the image shown on the photo, but with the real girl. You will hear her voice, tone, see the mimics, and behavior during the conversation. So, it will be one more step to real relationships.

Virtual gifts

Of course, nothing can replace the real ones, but virtual ones can make communication more emotional. So, you will become closer psychologically with the mail order bride you’ve chosen.


You can contact a manager in case there are some problems while using the website. 

Help with real meetings

Some mail order brides services help you to meet the chosen woman in real life by negotiating date, time and place, organizing transfer, etc.

Help in coping with the language and culture barriers

Some websites for finding brides provide additional services like translation, advice for understanding the psychological and cultural peculiarities of foreign women, etc.

So, mail order brides services really care about your personal life. And how else do they differ from the usual dating sites? Let’s take a glance at the main distinctions. 

How Mail Order Brides Services Differ from other Dating Sites?

Mail order brides services are much better than plain dating sites if you want to meet the future wife. And here are the reasons for this:

  • There are profiles only of the girls that are looking for serious relationships with the aim of creating a family. On usual dating sites, there can be some women who have just created a profile for fun or who are looking only for flirt or sex without relationships.
  • The websites for looking for wives contain the profiles only of the real girls. Unlike usual dating sites where there can be a lot of fakes.

So, using mail order brides services instead of usual dating sites increases the chances of finding a wife.

What Benefits Do I Get by Using a Mail Order Bride Website?

Looking for the future wife on specialized services is much better than searching for her on usual dating sites or in real life. Here are the benefits that you get from using them.

The guarantee of serious intentions

Of course, nobody can give a 100% warranty that you will get married. But you can be sure that all the girls whose profiles you see on the specialized sites are in search of the future husband, not a friend or a temporary lover.

Saving time and energy

There is no more need to go to any clubs or parties, visiting any events or traveling to any other country in order to find interesting girls. They all are gathered in one place — on the mail order brides services.

This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with foreign girls without going abroad or even going out from home. All you need to do is to get registered and start looking for the lady of your dream.

So, the advantages of mail order brides services are obvious. But you will feel them only if you choose the one properly. Now we will share with you the tips on how to do this.

What to Consider When Choosing Mail Order Bride Service

This is a very important choice because it directly influences the results of your search for a wife. So, pay attention to such things.

Nationality of girls

Some of the websites are oriented on Asian women while others gather the profiles of Latin ones, and some more sites help Slavic girls to find husbands. So, first, make up your mind about the fact of a wife of what nationality you would like to get. And choose the website taking this into account.

The list of the available services

Pay attention to the range of services a website is ready to provide to you. There should be all of the ones you need.


Look at the interface. It should be user-friendly so that you won’t have to contact support every time you need to do any action.

The reality of profiles

Look through the profiles once you’ve got registered. They should be various. If there are many ones that are very similar they are likely to be fake.

Have you already decided to use mail order brides services to look for a future wife, but don’t have an idea about a girl of what nationality to look for? We have prepared the top of the most demanded mail order brides.

Best Mail Order Brides

We have made a research on the issue of the popularity of girls of different nationalities and formed TOP 6. So, the most demanded women are:

  1. Russian
  2. Ukrainian
  3. Japanese
  4. Filipino
  5. Colombian
  6. Mexican

Read further, and find out why.

Russian brides: sexy and cheerful

The girls of this nationality are popular with men from all around the world. And this is not surprising, because they are really wonderful. Russian women can boast of the following character traits making them perfect girlfriends and wives:

  • They are cheerful and optimistic. Giving up or dwelling on the problem is not for Russians.
  • They are easy-going. It’s not difficult to get acquainted with the girls of this nationality, because they easily make contact with the other people.
  • They are great lovers. Russian wives will never let a husband be bored in bed.

Ukrainian brides: beautiful and independent

These women are also in huge demand among foreign admirers. This can be explained by the following features intrinsic to them:

  • Sociability. Ukrainian women are very talkative and can make conversation with any person on any topic.
  • Welcoming. They are very hospitable.
  • Self-sufficiency and wisdom. Men like Ukrainian women for them being independent personalities with their own point of view on any topic. They can be not only good wives but also best friends who can give useful advice to their husbands. 

Japanese brides: cute and caring

Women of this nationality are the greatest wives in the world because of:

  • Lovely appearance. They look cute and young at any age.
  • Taking care of their husbands. It’s in Japanese culture to do everything possible to ensure the husband’s comfort.
  • Being loving mothers. Women from this country look after their children very thoroughly, because kids are the sense of their lives. It is especially about the period until a child turns 5 years old. Until this time, Japanese women devote all their time and attention to the kids.

Filipino brides: pliable and hard-working

The girls of this nationality dream to get a husband from developed countries. So they do everything to be attractive to foreign men both before the wedding and during the whole family life. They are:

  • Non-conflict. Ladies from this country never provoke quarrels.
  • Loving. Girls from Filipines are usually so glad to get married to a husband from a developed country that they show their love to them in every possible way.
  • Good at housekeeping. They do everything for their husbands to feel comfortable at home: keep perfect order, cook well, and so on.

Colombian brides: bright and affectionate

These ladies are highly appreciated by the true admirers of femininity. They are the exact opposite of emancipated European or American women. Colombian women are:

  • Bright. Beautiful dresses, sparkling accessories, and amazing makeup — all this is about Colombian women. They look after themselves very thoroughly. And everyone visiting this country notices the outstanding appearance of the local women.
  • Feminine. Women of this nationality behave like real ladies. But notice that they expect the same thing from men — the behavior of a true gentleman.
  • Communicative. These women’s talkativeness won’t let anyone be bored.
  • Affectionate. This character trait wonders all the foreign men because European and American girls are far from this.

Mexican brides: prideful and sociable

Such women are for those who are in search of thrilling feelings. They are very controversial. Colombian girls combine such character traits as:

  • Being prideful. They establish strict personal boundaries and stop any communication with those who try to violate them. Also, they are hard to get. A man should spend much effort in order to finally become a Colombian girl’s boyfriend.
  • Being sociable. But at the same time, they are very sociable and open to new acquaintances. They often do the first step in flirting, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to win such a woman’s heart.


Here is something more you need to know about mail order brides services before you start using them.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, they are. There is no law in any country that forbids the work of bridal agencies or dating websites. As mail order brides services are something in between bridal agencies and dating websites they have a right to exist. So, don’t be afraid about the legality of mail order brides services. There is nothing illegal in using them both for men and for girls.  

Are Mail Order Brides Real?

Yes, they are. There are many girls in Latin, Slavic, and Asian countries whose dream is to marry a man from the USA or Europe. So, there is nothing surprising in real mail order brides’ existence. But also, some unfair people can take advantage of the desire of the men to get a foreign bride. Except for the real mail order brides services, there are some fake ones. But you can easily stay safe from them. Read the answer to the next question to learn how to do this.

How Can I Protect Myself from Scam?

Here are some tips that will help you to stay safe:

  • Don’t use the websites that look suspicious (for example, there are many similar accounts in the catalog or different girls send the same messages — these are the signs of fake mail order brides).
  • Don’t send money to a girl directly in case you haven’t even seen her in real life.
  • Don’t trust the websites that require a big sum of prepayment before registration and give a 100% guarantee that they will provide you with a wife. This is a sure indication of a scam.

How much does it cost to find a mail order bride?

The final price is hard to count. Everything depends on a certain situation. The final cost consists of the following spendings:

  • The price of messages. Usually, mail order brides services request payment for each message you write to a girl.
  • The cost of video calls. They are evaluated by the separate tariff.
  • The price of virtual gifts. Many mail order brides services provide such a feature to enrich communication with more emotions.

Also, you can count the cost of:

  • the tickets for you to go to her country or vice versa;
  • real gifts to her or to her parents/relatives;
  • your meetings/dates.

But actually, it would be too mercenary to count such things, because they are needed even if you look for a bride in real life.

Do mail-order bride services guarantee that I find a wife?

Mail order brides services will do their best to help you to find a future wife. They will give you as many variants as needed and provide all the possible tools for communication with the girls you’ve chosen. But you should understand that nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that you will find a wife. There can be personal problems that make it more difficult for you to find a match (for example, you are too demanding or you don’t feel love for any of the girls that are in the catalog). Also, there can appear some personal troubles that can stand in the way of the marriage (for example, mail order bride’s parents don’t like you, etc). You should understand that mail order brides services are not responsible for such situations. They only do everything possible for you to get acquainted and to keep in touch with a woman successfully.

How Successful are Mail-Order Marriages?

Mail order bride marriages sometimes are even more successful than the usual ones. The main reason for this is that you see all the essential information about a girl in advance. Many mail order brides services require the following facts about women and men:

  • the main character traits;
  • the state of health;
  • the profession of themselves and their parents;
  • whether a person had been married before or not;
  • whether a woman has got children or not;
  • what are the beliefs, living values, and religion.

So, there won’t be surprises, unlike in case you get acquainted somewhere in the bar where you don’t know anything about a girl.

The same thing is about the second side. A woman learns all the essential facts about you in advance, so, there won’t be a situation like she fell in love with you at first, but then stopped loving you once she has got to know some facts about you.

So, the marriages between people who know almost everything about each other in advance can be even stronger than usual ones.